Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter here

We woke up last Saturday to this!! Along with great protestations from this household's residents about "false advertising" - "who said there wouldn't be any snow out here in la la land". And then the clouds lifted and we could see the peaks across the water, incredible blues and grays in the sky and water, highlighted by the new white snow that stuck to the boughs of the evergreens, the bare branches of the deciduous trees .... and we were glued to our front window "I don't believe how beautiful this is", and then out the front door "It's really quite warm and just gorgeous". The power didn't go out (it did all around us), so we've been toasty inside, although thinking about back up generators. We even used the snow shovels, and the cars needed their brushes & scrapers. Along with the rest of the west, the unusual cold and snow lasted almost a week, until last night.
Meg was with us for a wonderful 2 1/2 weeks, and has just returned to TO. She slipped into our lives with complete ease, reconnected us with our TO roots, met the new people in our lives and poked us about what's coming next. She and Dad are good friends and her visit made the transition of his arrival richer. We were able to maintain our long tradition of seeing Harry Potter films together, which was a bonus. By the end of her visit our neighbours were asking her to walk their dogs!! But back to the earth, ocean and skies.... she, Cori & I had a spectacular day on Hornby Island - a day 'stolen' from the forecast rain - it was cool, with a deep purple sunset and clear night skies; we took another drive down the Island Highway to Qualicum on the weekend - there was a bit more snow, and it was exquisite.