Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heading back to the Island

A quick SPRING update. We're heading back to the Island tomorrow AM. We'll get to Kamloops or Merritt tomorrow , then through Vancouver and over on the ferry on Thursday. Sue, our realtor in Comox is ready to show us a bunch of places on Friday.
We don't know if the right one is in this bunch, but there are a number of good possibilities and we're excited about seeing them. Regardless, we're going to spend a couple of weeks in the Comox Valley, getting to know it, seeing if we can imagine ourselves living and working there. And then, regardless of whether the perfect place has presented itself, we will likely head to the Victoria area for another look. There is a good list of possibilities there, particularly in the Metchosin area.
Dad's been back from Arizona for over a week - he had a good visit with his friends and several golf games. Cori & I have both had a nasty cold, and remarkably, Dad hasn't caught it. The five of us (3 two leggeds & two four leggeds) have had a very gentle week and have been quite enjoying one another.
Send us good house-hunting wishes.
Many hugs,
- Alice

Monday, March 8, 2010


I recorded this song in the wee hours of March 8, 2010 - International Women's Day, while thinking of my amazing women friends back east. I think I learned this song originally from a friend of Jessie's ( Beth ) around Jessies kitchen table one year. I have since found this link which provides more information about it's possible origin.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

IWD Greetings

Thinking about all my good friends & comrades on IWD. I missed Saturday's rally in Toronto and marching through the streets. I understood that it included a very satisfactory demo in support of INCO workers.
The day is causing these more immediate musings....
While I think the Tories were idiots for they way they proposed changing "Oh Canada" and their proposed change was ridiculous, the resulting backlash has certainly reminded me that all is not well. I've been reading the Calgary Herald, where there's been intense outrage against the very SUGGESTION that there are gender inequalities, against the notion of gender itself, and the derision (not to mention misunderstanding) of languages that have few gender signposts, trumped by the constant assertion that language means nothing ("sons" = all the country's people).
A brutal kind of violence is closer than I usually experience it - this morning we heard that a friend of a friend is terrified and is taking out restraining orders against the father of her kid. I know that women on Hornby are gathering for IWD particularly in this difficult year when one of the Island's lovely young women was killed and I want to pass on solidarity.
Today's Sunday Review on CBC reminded us of the cross country 1970 Abortion Caravan, and that the Voice of Women's fight against nuclear arms began 50 years ago. I'm reminded that the CBC continues to be a crucial connection across the country, eg. for women in communities where the local IWD events are business networking opportunities.
I am going to miss the IWD gathering of good friends that has happened at Garden Avenue for years now. And we are taking the tradition with us - several women are joining us for a pot luck gathering tomorrow evening here in Calgary. We will be toasting you all, and hugging you at a distance. Even longer arm hugs for those of you in other countries.

In Solidarity
- Alice, with additional hugs from Cori

Tuesday, March 2, 2010



Make yourself a cup of tea and have yourself a little break. Close your eyes and listen if you will to a new song I've just recorded here at the dining room table.

click YOU DON'T HAVE TO WEEP FOR ME to listen.
(Then, just click on the song title when the new window opens)

Perhaps I am a little bit addicted to my blackberry, but really, it is a great tool.
While Alice and I have been travelling through the mountains, I would either be taking pictures with the little thing or, I would open up the recording device and start singing. There are a couple of songs, which I have written, or am in the process of writing, but they are not complete yet.

Just a few days ago I told one of our friends that I would send some music to soothe her from my wide selection of music. While searching for just the right one to help in some way, I found my self singing a different tune so to speak.

It is certainly difficult to be so far away from friends when difficult times occur, be it a death in one's family, or bad news which can happen any day, or those big changes in life... Though I am not able to hold my friend gently during this time of loss for her, I did seem to be able to write a song... Actually, I don't think 'write' is appropriate. It really just sort of came out.

Without my friend knowing (until she reads this) I have actually been with her for the past 2 days. Recording it, adding harmonies, changing the levels, re-singing parts, adding and removing bits... I have enjoyed this process (as I always do) It seems that when I have something to write or sing about... it is just there.

I hope you enjoy it.
(By the way, that cup of tea and muffin were the best cup of tea and muffin that I have had in ages. Thanks to my mom's most amazing carrot cake recipe that we 'muffinized' and baked in parchment pockets.)