Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heading back to the Island

A quick SPRING update. We're heading back to the Island tomorrow AM. We'll get to Kamloops or Merritt tomorrow , then through Vancouver and over on the ferry on Thursday. Sue, our realtor in Comox is ready to show us a bunch of places on Friday.
We don't know if the right one is in this bunch, but there are a number of good possibilities and we're excited about seeing them. Regardless, we're going to spend a couple of weeks in the Comox Valley, getting to know it, seeing if we can imagine ourselves living and working there. And then, regardless of whether the perfect place has presented itself, we will likely head to the Victoria area for another look. There is a good list of possibilities there, particularly in the Metchosin area.
Dad's been back from Arizona for over a week - he had a good visit with his friends and several golf games. Cori & I have both had a nasty cold, and remarkably, Dad hasn't caught it. The five of us (3 two leggeds & two four leggeds) have had a very gentle week and have been quite enjoying one another.
Send us good house-hunting wishes.
Many hugs,
- Alice

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  1. How was the trip? Did you find anything that pulled you?
    Hope you are over your colds and your father continued to dodge the bug.
    hugs and hugs.
    miss you.